Ghost Card - Photo Prediction App

An unbelievable photo prediction on your iPhone! "Ghost Card" allows you to take a photo of any card and then later change the card in that image to another card. The photo can be taken during the performance so that the spectator is in it, and in fact the spectator can be holding the card! Ghost Card is a 100% "stealth" app and so nobody will ever suspect that you are using an app. When the trick is over, you email the photo to the spectator or post it to social media.

Ghost card works with any card from from a borrowed deck. The card be be placed on a table or held up in front of the camera.


Routine Ideas

The video below shows a few full performances start to finish so that you can get an idea of how the app can fit into your routine.

Ghost Card FAQs

Q: Is this a beginner trick?
A: Not quite. The app works best when combined with your current card routine. Although you can use it by itself, we recommend using a card routine or mind reading routine of your choice to create some time misdirection and build suspense.

Q: Do I need anything extra besides the app?
A: Nope. Version 1.0 of this app required a special gaff card (which you can still use for a better result) but the new app will work with any card from a borrowed deck.

Q: Can this be performed Surrounded?
A: Not quite. While you are taking the photo, you don’t want anybody to see what you are taking a photo of or what is on the screen of your iPhone.

Q: Is the image the app creates 100% perfect?
A: Close. I'd say 90%. The app is erasing the playing card and then overlaying a complete new one, and so it's hard to do that without some artifacts being introduced. The final result will depend on the angle the card is held, the lighting, and any fingers that may be holding the card. If you understand the limitations of the app you can ensure that the final image will pass inspection. Not every image will be social media worthy, but displaying them on your phone for the spectator should always get the reaction you are looking for.

Q: Is this a “stealth” app?
A: Yes, the spectator will never know that an app was involved.

Q: Does this trick require an internet connection to perform?
A: Nope. “Confederate Mode” requires a link via either WiFi network or Bluetooth.

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